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Small growing businesses often lack the manpower or knowledge to navigate through the complex financial hurdles required to fund next-level growth. Hogan Ventures has 30+ years of experience in guiding organizations through this critical phase. From harmonizing your business strategy with finances, selecting capital sources and all the way to equity transactions, mergers and acquisitions,  Hogan Ventures can successfully get you there.



• Corporate leadership and team building

• Rapid growth business strategy deployment

• Harmonizing business strategy to finances

• Selection of private equity or capital resources 

• Equity transactions, mergers & acquisitions

• Business ethics

• Operational excellence

• Resource allocation

• Pricing strategy


Robert F. (Bob) Hogan, Jr. has an extensive, accomplished history in corporate financial management and leadership. He began his career in the audit division of Ernst & Young LLP. From 1984 to 1993 he served as Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary for Associated Materials Incorporated (AMI). In 1993, he was named President and CEO of AMI’s sole underperforming company, AmerCable Incorporated. In the following 19 years, Mr. Hogan led a culture and operations revolution at AmerCable, a small US manufacturer of industrial power cables, which resulted in the company consistently delivering the cable industry’s highest on-time delivery rate, best profit margins, and top EBITDA percentage.

Global sales expansion, targeted product mix, operational excellence, focused strategy and skilled management of niche market pricing led to record sales growth.  


In 2002, Mr. Hogan led a management group purchase of AmerCable from AMI. As the company continued to grow in sales and capital requirements, he took AmerCable through three management-led buyouts with separate private equity partners generating successive returns of 4x, 5x and 2x from 2002 to 2012. In 2012, the company was acquired by Paris-based Nexans for $275MM (USD). 

In 2014,  Mr. Hogan joined The Sterling Group, LP, an operationally and commercially focused mid-market private equity firm in 2014 as an Operating Partner. He served on the board of portfolio companies Process Barron, Specified and Air Time Manufacturing. He also served as Chairman of American Bath Group before executing its sale in 2016 that resulted in a 4x+ return and 100%+ ROI. 

Currently, Mr. Hogan serves as the Chairman of independently-owned Radix Wire and Cable and is involved in several venture capital projects.

Mr. Hogan holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in accounting from Virginia Tech University. He has been an active member of YPO/YPO Gold since 1995.